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    We're focused on developing easy to use, reliable sensor technology for challenging applications.

    Wireless Data Acquisition

    real-time + wireless + sensors for flight test

    We're currently focused on the application and evolution of the Non-Intrusive-Flight-Trial-Instrumentation System or NIFTI for short.


    This technology is being developed in collaboration with the Aerospace Operational Support Group of the RAAF and the Defence Science and Technology Group of the Australian Defence Force.

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    unique customised technical solutions

    We work with customers to provide unique customised solutions requiring the development of new technology for aerospace and defence applications.

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    Defence Innovations is a collaboration between two innovative Australian companies.


    we build hardware that helps businesses grow

    We've been involved in over 100 successful projects and developed products for some of the worlds most challenging conditions.

    aadi Defence

    experts in defence research

    Our focus is on solving capability gaps with innovative technological solutions within Defence and industry.

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    We've got a top notch team!


    aerospace and flight test

    AOSG enhances and extends Australian Defence Force combat capability by providing operational support.

    DST Group

    science and technology

    The Defence Science and Technology Group is the Australian Defence Department's scientific and technology arm - providing technology solutions for Defence.

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    NIFTI no wires

    Nigel Pittaway article for Aerospace Testing International, 2016


    "The Non-Intrusive Flight Test Instrumentation system has been developed as a means of instrumenting an airframe for flight testing without altering its original configuration or removing it from the line for an extended period while intrusive and sometimes very complex flight test instrumentation is installed and removed."

    NIFTI Gateway + Sensors

    Picture of the Proof of Concept NIFTI System developed in collaboration with the Aerospace Operational Support Group and the Defence Science and Technology Group of the Australian Defence Force in 2015.

    A NIFTY piece of kit

    In an article published in the November 2015 edition of the Australian Defence Magazine, Commander James Blagg of the Development and Test Wing Aerospace Operation Support Group discusses the benefits of the NIFTI system.

    NIFTI flight trial

    NIFTI was installed on a YAK-52, see the video of a snap roll from the cockpit during the 2nd NIFTY Flight Trial.

    NIFTI team

    Great work everyone! Successful completion of the NIFTI flight trials on a PC-9/A.

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